Meet Emilio and From Studio

Who are you?
- I am Emilio José Bernard. Owner of From Studio & From Skåne. I've lived in Skåne for 4 years now and have been working in design for 6. Originally from Southern California. I now call Malmö home. In between working on my shop and studio projects, I help arrange some parties in Malmö under the Deep House Sweden collective. 

What is "From Studio"?
- It depends who you ask. If you're a design or creative, it's a giant workspace where we all sit and work either independently or collectively on varoius projects. To the rest of the world, we're a design studio that is focusing on creating meaningful brands using a variety of skills we prossess. Above all, we work together to bring the value back into the creative industry and provide clarity to the brands we work with. 

Where do you see yourself and from studio, two years from now?
- In a perfect world, I would love to see more people sitting at our studio, allowing us to collaborate on even bigger and more grandiose projects for clients and for ourselves. We're not trying to be the next "FEW" or "Forsman & Bodenfors". Simply trying to stay busy with work that we feel passionate about and delivers top-tier results for our clients. Out communication and outreach strategies is tailored to grow organically, consistenly. 

What is your next step?
- Well, in the bigger context, I'd say finding a project where every person in the studio can contribute meaningfully to. As of now, we've worked in groups of 2-3 very well. However, it would be fantastic to find a project that incorporates all 8 of us. I'm in no rush though, as you can't force collaboration.